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We're building the most powerful network of women in wealth management. Let's do it together.

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We are on a mission to amplify the impact of women in wealth management through the power of connection.  Muriel Network is a private, modern networking space for all women working in wealth management, a population 400,000+ women strong.

Our goal: Bring women in wealth management together to help close the wealth gap for all women. 

Why you need Muriel Network:  
We know what it feels like to be overlooked, underestimated, and ignored.  Let’s face it…the traditional happy hours, golf and sporting events are falling short for learning and idea-sharing.  And, the once-annual women-focused events leave us wanting more. 

Plus, women are taking the reins of financial power at unprecedented levels due to the baby boomer men passing on and 70% of women under 45 are rocking the role of top financial decision-maker at home. The shift of money to women creates a massive opportunity for women to be better served and for female financial advisors to gain AUM and accelerate their growth trajectory.  

If you’re looking for more growth, more impact, and more joy, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll unite around our shared experiences, confidence up, and skill up.  Together, we’ll help close the wealth gap for all women and help fill the hole in the leaky bucket of women leaders within the industry. 

What you can expect from membership: 

  • Connections:  Link up with other superstar women working in top companies across wealth management
  • Community: Immerse yourself in a supportive, positive community committed to closing the wealth gap for all women by helping women on the front lines
  • Insights: Tap insights and advice from our community to level up your business and career
  • Content: Dive into curated data on women working in financial services, women investors, networking skills and more
  • Peer-to-Peer Thought Leadership: Snack on blogs, articles and livestreams on leadership, productivity hacks, how advisors are applying the “niche down” social media mantra and so much more

We hope you’ll join this incredible community of women like you.  
You’re going to love it here.